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Look to Horse & Style: an exceptional guide to show jumping, performance hunters and the equestrian lifestyle.

Horse & Style Magazine is a lifestyle publication with an innovative, behind-the-scenes focus on equestrian style and fashion; and unique, in-depth coverage of North American as well as global competitors, events and happenings.

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Jan/Feb 2017
Released January 9th
Ad Deadline 12/21/2016

Mar/Apr 2017
Released March 6th
Ad Deadline 2/20/2017

Horse & Style Weddings
Released April 3rd
Ad Deadline 3/20/2017

May/June 2017
Released May 1st
Ad Deadline 4/17/2017

Horse & Style Travel
Released June 5th
Ad Deadline 5/22/2017

July/Aug 2017
Released July 3rd
Ad Deadline 6/19/2017

Pony & Style
Released August 7th
Ad Deadline 7/24/2017

Sept/Oct 2017
Released September 4th
Ad Deadline 8/21/2017

Holiday Guide to Equestrian Style
Released November 6th
Ad Deadline 10/23/2017

Nov/Dec 2017
Released November 6th
Ad Deadline 10/23/2017

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