Like Minds Sharing One Passion: EquestriSol Initiates Horse & Style and Equestrian Culture Merger

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July 10, 2015 – Lexington, KY – There is a common denominator in this equestrian equation on which we are all constantly working – passion for the horse and horse sport.

For more than a decade, EquestriSol has developed marketing solutions for passionate souls in this niche. So when presented with two entities looking for different solutions, Jackie McFarland of EquestriSol realized that bringing together Sarah Appel, publisher of Horse & Style Magazine, and Danielle Demers, publisher of Equestrian Culture, created powerful possibilities for all involved.

The spark started when Appel and the EquestriSol team worked together to help produce the June/July issue of Horse & Style. Demers, an integral part of the EquestriSol Creative Team, was looking for a route to take her young yet growing Equestrian Culture, and realized that merging with Appel’s Horse & Style was an ideal way to bring her goals and strengths into an existing entity, as opposed to competing with it.

Horse & Style and Equestrian Culture had parallel plans that fit together well. In our world, a quality print publication cultivates the beauty of equines in action, captures the lifestyle of our sport, covers competitors from around the globe and tells the stories both in print and online. The end product is a true labor of love for equestrians to enjoy. It takes a village.

Knowing that collaboration builds strength, it became clear that the like minds were in sync. Demers enjoys being a part of marketing solutions, and as her time commitment with EquestriSol increased, she was looking for the best way to keep her Equestrian Culture vision alive. Merging with Horse & Style created a definite win-win scenario. And Appel wholeheartedly agreed.,/p>

“I’ve admired Equestrian Culture from the beginning, and I’m so happy to be working with Danielle Demers and EquestriSol,” said Appel. “Our shared passion for show jumping and equestrian lifestyle will make Horse & Style an even stronger publication”.

Demers echoed a similar sentiment. “I am thrilled and honored to be working with Horse & Style publisher, Sarah Appel. We share a similar mission and vision, making this natural and effortless,” she said. “Representing EquestriSol as Creative Director for Horse & Style is an ideal fit.”

EquestriSol partners Jackie and Duncan McFarland find it fortuitous that this is coming together so seamlessly. With a number of exciting developments under wraps, this merging of like minds sharing one passion is one of a handful of upcoming announcements, including more team members and a new web site.

For more on Horse & Style, see With the August/September issue in the works, there is no time like now to get involved. Find out how by contacting

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