Horses and music, music and horses. Interest peaked, right? Add in three gorgeous riding ladies, four handsome musical gents, an upbeat tune, stellar direction and videography and keen styling, and you are left with a very entertaining musical experience. Whistlejacket’s ‘We Get This Feeling’ music video is the type of video you can watch again, and again, and again. Maybe it’s the catchy song, maybe it’s the fact that it’s entirely equestrian-centric, or maybe it’s the good-looking gals. Regardless, the entire package is a true equestrian feast for the senses. And if you’ve seen the video, then you know. And if you haven’t seen the video, well, you’re in luck.

But there is so much more than what simply meets the eye… and ears. So Horse & Style sat down with Adam Stevenson of the New Zealand pop band Whistlejacket and his wife Eloise (the lovely and talented brunette atop the grey gelding) to get the full story on the group, the album, the song and the video itself.

The equestrian stars of the Whistlejacket music video – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: Let’s begin with how you came up with the concept to use an equestrian approach to the video.

WJ: Our equestrian vision has always ran much deeper than just the video itself. A huge print of George Stubb’s ‘Whistlejacket’ has always hung in our hallway. From the moment Adam first laid eyes on it, he dreamt of creating a band named ‘Whistlejacket.’ It’s simply such a great name. His friends and band members all embraced the equestrian vision as an extension of our life outside the band…which they liked a lot.

Whistlejacket – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: The emblem on the jackets, what is the significance behind this?

WJ: As a nod to the band’s name and Adam’s lifestyle, with a strong understanding of the beauty and power of horses, the vision was always to incorporate the imagery to the band’s identity. A crest was designed displaying an animal to reflect each band member’s identity. Adam’s animal is, rightly so, the horse.

Whistlejacket’s logo – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: How was it playing and filming in an arena, surrounded by horses?

WJ: Looking at the music video for We Get This Feeling, one might have thought the concept to be relatively straightforward, however the band pitched the idea to several directors before finding one that could turn the concept into a reality… And that knew, most importantly, how to capture the equine form. The video was shot using the Phantom Flex 4K camera system which records at 1000 frames per second, allowing every hoof beat to be captured in super slow motion.

Playing music, watching horses – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: And to be playing while your wife was riding?

WJ: Playing live music to three statuesque riders on powerful horses, well, it felt amazing. And to have my own wife riding around me was pretty powerful stuff. It should become a ‘thing’ you know? Like a roller derby, every Friday night, bring your horse down to the arena and jump to live music.

Eloise and Rua – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: We’re in! How did the horses do with the band and video equipment?

WJ: Our friends and riding buddies Anna and Ella immediately sprung to mind when the fantasy concept was raised. Two very capable riding babes from the local pony club with their own sensible and capable horses. My own trusty hunt horse Rua is a solid and reliable station bred gelding, a breed unique to New Zealand, who I have yet to encounter a scenario that he would find alarming. He is worth his weight in gold. I knew that he and the other two horses would be fine with the flashing lights and band gear.

The horses go Hollywood – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: We would think so, especially since they jumped the gear!

WJ: We had planned to create a high wall of stacked amplifiers to jump, but unfortunately the film crew decided upon floor standing gear. As riders we would have loved more of a height challenge, but the desired effect was still captured with slow motion gear.

Getting the shot – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: The overall look of the video was beautifully monochromatic and stately. And the location looked top notch.

WJ: Stable 88 in Matakana is one of New Zealand’s most prestigious riding facilities with beautiful feather-like white footing and stunning black rubber walls. Having a grey horse, we knew this would give the rich monochromatic look we were keen to capture for the video.

Rua posing for a close-up – photo by Matt Warner

H&S: The video is so entertaining and catchy. Bravo to you all. And the horses too.

WJ: Yes, we get this feeling our horses were very obliging!

Photography by Matt Warner
Styling by Jane Mow
Directed by Matiu Sadd
Produced by Commotion