About H&S

Horse & Style Magazine offers its readership an unmatched equestrian lifestyle experience.

Horse & Style Magazine is a lifestyle publication with an innovative, behind-the-scenes focus on equestrian style and fashion; and unique, in-depth coverage of North American as well as global competitors, events and happenings.

H&S publications include four (4) quarterly issues per year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each issue is available online and in print.


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Roles & Regular Contributors

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief ‖ Sarah Appel

Editor ‖ Emily Pollard

Art Director ‖ Danielle Demers

Advertising & Sales ‖ Jeanette Gilbert

Copyeditor ‖ Pam Maley


Laurie Berglie, Alli Addison, Erinn Lew, Terri Roberson Psy.D., Dr Carrie Wicks, Ph.D., Pam Maley, Taryn Young, Natalie Keller Reinert, Lila Gendal, Claiborne & Lime, Julie Unger, Lindsay Brock, Catie Staszak


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