The Whinnies! Best of Equine Film is an annual traveling festival of films that advocate, illustrate, celebrate and inform the horse/human partnership. Films range from short to feature-length, narrative to documentary. Each are made with innovation, creativity, integrity and ingenuity from courage, commitment, passion and soul. In addition to showcasing the message and talent of filmmakers who love horses, the festival also funds future films that tell equine stories. Proceeds also benefit The Flag Foundation, which stewards a network of sanctuary ranches that foster horse/human partnership. For more information visit

Official selections of the Napa Valley Film Festival – November 7 – 17th, 2013

American MustangAmerican Mustang
In a unique and artful blend of a nature documentary and character-driven narrative, the drama unfolds for our majestic wild horses on hundreds of millions of acres of public land in the American West. As the subtle choreography that has evolved over thousands of years begins, the intricate dance between a man and a wild horse presents lessons for us all, even the battle-hardened special interest groups fighting for the place of the American Mustang.






Herd in IcelandHerd in Iceland
For over 1,000 years Icelandic law has prohibited the importation of horses across its oceanic borders. During the summer months, the country’s horses live a wild existence, grazing in the highlands and raising their young. Each fall, they are rounded up by local farmers and directed across the stunning landscape in a tradition valued as a social and cultural touchstone for both the farmers who own the horses and the city dwellers who travel to the countryside to participate.






Through Their EyesThrough Their Eyes
With their incredible energy and sensitivity, horses can restore a person to balance. And through their non-judgmental, non-verbal communication, they can enable a person to speak from truth. This film will tell the story of how these magnificent creatures — who have faithfully served us for thousands of years — are now helping to heal the invisible wounds of our nation’s veterans.