9 05, 2024

Mother Like No Other!

2024-05-09T16:39:06+00:00By |Lifestyle, Style|

Celebrating Mother's Day with Horse & Style Horse & Style Magazine is run by Mother's! On this day we honor all Mothers with two and four-legged children. We see you and know how hard you work every day, all day! Our team of Mothers gathered [...]

8 05, 2024

Christine’s Story

2024-05-09T19:20:43+00:00By |Culture, Lifestyle|

Healing and Hope through Horses From the outside no one would have ever known. I live in an affluent community with my husband and our 3 beautiful and healthy children. My closet is filled with designer clothes and shoes. I work my dream job as [...]

19 03, 2024

Jumping de La Baule

2024-03-19T22:17:40+00:00By |Lifestyle, Showing|

The next Jumping de la Baule - Officiel de France will take place from June 6 to 9, 2024Imagine combining one of the most breathtaking bays in the world, running nine kilometers in length, decorated with prestige hotels, historic villas and chic activities with a [...]

30 07, 2023

Rider Spotlight: Emma Marlowe

2023-07-30T21:32:44+00:00By |Lifestyle, Showing|

Chasing dreams with an up-and-coming U25 RiderThe elite world of show jumping might seem daunting and perhaps difficult to break into if you were not born into such a lifestyle. When combining the cost of competing at the higher levels in the sport with that of [...]

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