The next Jumping de la Baule – Officiel de France will take place from June 6 to 9, 2024

Imagine combining one of the most breathtaking bays in the world, running nine kilometers in length, decorated with prestige hotels, historic villas and chic activities with a highly anticipated equestrian sport. For some, this notion will remain imaginary, while for many professional show jumpers around the world, as well as grooms, trainers, owners, sponsors, friends, families and spectators, this fantasy will become a reality in the summer of 2024.

The next Jumping de la Baule – Officiel de France will take place from June 6 to 9 at the Stade François André. For four days, thousands of spectators will enjoy the free show put on by the world’s best riders.

With less than two months until the Olympic Games, the riders will present their top horses in La Baule and will be looking to make their best performance while attending a world class competition. From Thursday to Sunday, there’ll be no shortage of highlights: Prix FFE, Coupe des Nations Barrière, Derby Région des Pays de la Loire, Prix SAUR and, of course, the grand finale, the Rolex Grand Prix – Ville de La Baule. The Trophée des Légendes will be returning, with the anticipation of seeing some of the riders who have written the history of equestrian sports over the last few decades.

For sixty years the International Jumping of La Baule has brought together some of the most famous show jumping champions from around the world, and equestrian enthusiasts alike. This venue came to light in 1960, the day François André, Lucien Barrière’s uncle, relinquished the land of the stadium to the City of La Baule.

With sixty years of equestrian history written here along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, La Baule marks an event that does not want to be missed. As each year passes by, the organizers have recreated eternal youth by offering fresh and unforgettable shows.

With free access to the show, spectators, riders and guests will have ample opportunity to experience the celebrated vendor row. This year will feature about forty exhibitors within the exhibitors village on the Rosières avenue. The exhibitors village has something for everyone, with endless shopping from numerous equestrian stores, to horse wellness and breeding promotions, to equestrian equipment, to bars, food and catering beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.


Another hotspot can be found in the Partners Village, featuring an exclusive space highlighting fifteen brands displayed in beige and white striped beach huts, symbolizing the Brittany coast. The Partners Village showcases the elegance of equestrian sport with the values of the brands represented. This dedicated area helps facilitate exchanges between professionals, riders, owners and visitors, in a festive and accessible atmosphere. Don’t forget to stop by the Champagne Bar (managed by Edouard Set) which offers an extensive menu and another excuse to celebrate history, sports and equestrians.

There’s no such thing as a world class equestrian venue without spectacular food. Whether you’re bebopping around the vendors row for light refreshments, or sitting at Edouard’s panoramic restaurant (open to public) overlooking the main arena, or you’ve reserved private VIP tables, visitors, guests, and spectators will have a wide range of choices when deciding on where and how to dine while enjoying the spectacular horse show and its ambiance.

Imagine an exquisite menu while sipping on champagne with world-class horses setting the stage in front of you! Private tables can be purchased and reserved while offering tables facing the piste for your guests; personalized welcome for you and your customers; crossing view of the track and paddock; high-end all-inclusive service; menu signed by the Starred Chef Mathieu Guibert; Moët & Chandon Champagne; tables for four to ten people in four rows; and reservations possible for the day or over four days.


The La Baule Horse Show would also make an exceptional vacation. Whether you’re a horse enthusiast or not, this show and location has something for everyone. With picturesque beaches, you’ll find paddleboards, boat rides, leisurely walks along the ocean or bicycles nearby. Other possibilities include savoring the Fondant Baulois, a scrumptious little cake combining chocolate and salted caramel; or escaping to the Tropicarium Bonsaï, a greenhouse showcasing an array of tropical plants; or daydreaming in front of the contemporary villas; or enjoying a drink inside a luxury hotel; or treating yourself to some irresistible jam made and sold in a local central market in La Baule.

With free access, unlimited choices for food and beverages, endless shopping, and world-class horses and riders putting on a highly anticipated horse show in one of the most gorgeous venues in the world, La Baule Horse Show is a must-see, must-go, must-experience 2024 summer event.


This article originally appeared in 2023 Vol. 2. The full issue can be read online here.