Celebrating Mother’s Day with Horse & Style

Horse & Style Magazine is run by Mother’s! On this day we honor all Mothers with two and four-legged children. We see you and know how hard you work every day, all day!

Our team of Mothers gathered a few of our favorite things. Our Boss Mare, Sarah, is up first. Our newest mom and H&S Editor, Helen, is up next. Followed by our Art Director, Lauren. While of course our children, horses, and families bring us the most JOY, adding a little something to the cart can be the icing on the Motherhood cupcake!

1. Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 | 2. Eau Triple Damask Rose, Officine Universelle Buly | 3. Hermes Ex-Libris pendant | 4. Grand Fanny Clare V. Cuoio Lightweight Checker Perf

1.Equestrian Wellness Essentials Box | 2. Ariat Speranza Show Coat | 3. Hairbeauron 27D Plus [CURL]

1. Typology Essential Skincare Giftset | 2. Milton Menasco Horse Show Mom cap | 3. Rebecca Ray Blair Satchel Bag

We encourage our readers to let all of the moms in their lives know how special and loved they are!