I, like most ladies and many a gentleman, like shoes very much. Flat ones are my forte, as I am not a trained runway model and I like to be prepared for a quick escape. Usually anything above two inches prohibits a good sprint, in my experience. On my wedding day I did not intend to be a runaway bride (and I was in fact not), but I did wear precautionary flats to avoid stumbling down the aisle, a grassy hill riddled with booby traps of knobby roots. I made it to the alter without a hitch, and I have the wedding ring and a marriage license to prove it, and my trusty pair of flats to thank.

I had coveted a pair of buttery, velvety Stubbs & Wootton slippers for more than a coon’s age. They beckoned, and when you’ve lusted after a pair of shoes for that long, you might even have a dream or two about them. I did. So as my wedding day approached, I asked myself, “What better an occasion than your own wedding to treat yourself to a pair of fancy and exorbitant slippers?” I couldn’t think of one, so I treated myself.

It actually took a bit of convincing for me not to wear my riding boots under my wedding dress, but Stubbs & Wootton’s Bespoke boutique happened to offer a pretty sweet little equestrian motif. And every bride needs a Something Blue. My shoes were just that. And guess what else. I didn’t even have to kick off my heels.



BlueShoes3Photos by Jessica Lorren