West Palms Events is pleased to announce a unique new scholarship program, which commences in March of this year. West Palms will offer up to three horse show scholarships per year, each with a value of $6,500.00, to be used towards show credit at any West Palms Events managed show.

These scholarships are intended for younger riders who have the passion and drive to compete, but lack the financial resources to do so consistently throughout the year.

“My goal for these scholarships is to enable a select number of talented, committed young riders to compete consistently and build their riding resumes,” West Palms manager Dale Harvey commented. “This represents a great way for West Palms Events to give back to our sport and to the equestrian community. Hopefully, the riders we choose today will go on to become tomorrow’s young professionals.”

In order to be considered as a scholarship recipient for the 2015 show season, interested riders must apply by March 15, 2015.

Riders must fall under the following criteria:

  • Age 25 or younger at the time of application
  • Must show commitment to the sport
  • Must show interest in potentially pursuing a career as a professional in the equestrian industry

To apply, riders are required to fill out the application, provide a short video, write a short essay and provide three letters of recommendation. To ensure consideration, the application must be filled out completely. The video must show the applicant’s riding level, discipline (hunter, jumper, and/or equitation) and the height competing at for the 2015 season. The video must be current, with the date of filming provided, and no longer than two minutes. The recommendation letters cannot be provided by family members. Two of the letters must be from professionals in the equestrian industy.

All details and instructions for applying for the scholarship are available by clicking here!