A sweet new line of equestrian apparel geared specifically for young girls/tweens has just been unveiled. AnniesUSA.com has only been open for business a short time, and is already proving to be a huge hit with young riders and mothers alike.

The Annie’s brand is a refreshing take on anything that currently exists in this market.  It’s also rather unique in that it was started by “mom-preneur” Shannon Klepper and her young daughter Annie, both of whom are lifelong equestrians. The vitality of this new line epitomizes sweet, spunky, wholesome, horse-adoring youthfulness…synonymous with the little girl who shares the company name.

Annie’s came about  from not being able to find riding clothing that mother and daughter could mutually agree upon… unique pieces that were fun, functional and stylish. Shannon was seeking durable, washable and affordable fabrics that had a classic equestrian look. On the other hand, Annie wanted fun, bright colors and bold designs that were more fashion forward. “We just couldn’t find a happy medium.” Klepper adds. “The schooling clothing was either a scaled down version of adult clothing, or pieces that were way too cutesy for very little girls.” One day, 8 year old Annie got out her crayons and sketched what she imagined to be fun designs for various tops and breeches for schooling wear.  Annie’s family thought the designs were rather impressive and Voila’ – in the spirit of American entrepreneurialism, Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel was born!

In addition to Annie’s official role as “Junior Designer”, this young lady has been a huge decision maker in every aspect of this emerging company. “In understanding the needs and wants of our target market…I was able to go straight to the source!” says Klepper. “Of course I take care of the business aspect, but I wouldn’t dream of making a design decision without the input of Annie…she’s added some fantastic ideas and nuances that would’ve never occurred to me.”  In determining the vibe of the brand, Annie wanted to combine all of her passions:  horses, fashion, dolls and candy!  The horses and fashion aspect were quite obvious. As for the dolls ~ they offer matching riding clothing.  Lastly, to tie in the candy…the logo and verbiage are reminiscent of a vintage candy store. Klepper adds “It was a lofty and interesting combination, but obviously it all came together and has been a brilliant hit with everyone!”

1J5B1569-3025049944-OThe Sweet Stripe polo for girls and dolls

Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel has a big heart as well, and is committed to donating a portion of sales to children who are less fortunate. This inspiration and motivation again comes from Annie herself. They work closely with several orphanages in Haiti by helping to provide basic necessities and educational opportunities.

Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel is available exclusively on their website AnniesUSA.com.  Annie’s offers young riders a carefully curated and diverse assortment of girl’s equestrian clothing including shirts, T-shirts, fleece pullovers, riding breeches, jodhpurs, and many fun equestrian accessories in the works!  Annie’s designs feature casual classics with modern sprinkles!  Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel is committed to offering their customers outstanding quality, great value and of course…”sweet” style!

AnniesThe elbow patch top

1J5B1713-3025057678-OAnnie’s Equestrienne Apparel is committed to donating a portion of sales to children who are less fortunate