Join other professionals for a unique day of learning new skills at Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, California. The Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses workshop will be held on Sunday, June 1, 2014. It will offer a surprising look at using horses as a case study to develop new skills.

Monty Roberts, a New York Times bestselling author, is known as the original horse whisperer, and has built a global reputation as an anti-violence proponent or training horses. He has been recognized by the Queen of England and travels internationally to work with returning soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“The workshop will spark creative thinking for helping professionals who struggle with client’s pessimism and ambivalence. Just watching Monty Roberts complete a Join-Up ® with a horse is thought-provoking, and will engage professionals in re-thinking how they are engaging their own clients and patients through the use of trust instead of force,” commented session co-facilitator Dr. Susan Cain. Dr. Cain is an LCSW who uses Monty’s concepts in her practice.

Monty Roberts will be on hand to demonstrate how he speeds up trust between horses and humans in demonstrating the process of Join-Up, a method that allows him to put a first saddle and rider on a horse in less than 35 minutes. “There are implications here for how we as helping professionals can speed up trust with our own clients,” Dr. Cain concluded.

The workshop is based on a newly released book that showcases Monty’s life’s lessons, Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses: A Guide to Inspire Your Own Journey. The book is available on Amazon as a companion eBook to Roberts’ groundbreaking book, The Man Who Listens to Horses.

Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses is a book that helps readers focus on finding their strengths, focus on the value of rebounding from failure and create action plans for moving forward despite setbacks-like Monty did,” states Debbie Roberts-Loucks, co-author and Monty’s daughter.

“We are really excited about the workshop. It will be a great day; we will have a tour of Flag Is Up Farms and enjoy lunch served outdoors. We still have some open seats, so we encourage interested professionals to contact us immediately,” Roberts-Loucks says.

The Monty Roberts brand leads the equine training industry in the area of non-violent training approaches, and has been validated by world leaders and published in research reports. MPRI’s trust-based learning models have been adapted outside the horsemanship world to help organizations build trust and open communication. Most recently, the brand has been associated with helping soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder regain their confidence and trust.

Both The Man Who Listens to Horses and the Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses are available for purchase on www.montyroberts.comFor more information on how to sign up for the workshop, please contact Adam Bates at[email protected], or by calling Flag Is Up Farms at 805-688-4382.