These days, summer isn’t officially here unless we’re all riding in longsleeves. To the equestrian outsider, it looks as though we riders are totally hardcore: it’s 100 degrees out with direct sun but us riders, we’re staying covered.

Of course, we’re all in on the secret: sun shirts have come a long way and offer both protective and cooling functions. The Ariat Sunstopper Polo ($49.95) is just one shirt among many options. But here are a few reasons to give this one a try.

The Ariat Sunstopper first caught my eye with its cool-white color. It’s intuitive, right? White absorbs less heat. And the lightweight knit material with underarm mesh makes the shirt extremely breathable.

Body temp aside, I’m especially impressed with the fit. White may be great for escaping the heat, but it can be less flattering for the figure. The tailored cut and Ariat’s signature side darts create a chic and refined image. Sizes run true to size, and at 5’6” with a medium build, I wear a medium well, don’t you think? That’s me in the photo above, riding Eddie at my barn in Portola Valley, CA.

This shirt’s sun-protective qualities can’t be doubted. My bad habit is to keep my shirts unbuttoned and my sleeves rolled up. So I have to be sure to remember to add sunscreen across my chest and on my arms. Not into that much ‘screen? No problem, just roll your sleeves down and don’t take after my bad habit.

While all the nuts and bolts are checked and crossed off, I’ll give you the real reason why you’ll want this shirt: it’s a sun shirt incognito. It carries on like just another polo. If anything, it looks more chic than the regular old standbys. And it feels great and protects, and wearing it, you won’t just be another duplicate in the barn or in the ring.

Welcome to Horse & Style Magazine’s new series on product reviews with H&S contributor Esther Hahn. She’ll be testing out the latest equestrian clothing, products, and accessories, and telling you all about it!