[Petaluma, CA] On Friday afternoon, before the slightly more serious events got underway at the Giant Steps Charity Classic Presented by Gucci, the Sonoma Horse Park’s first annual Junior Team Relay took over the Wells Fargo Grand Prix Arena. Teams of costumed kids and ponies of all sizes raced through a short course that included egg and spoon, bobbing for apples, and “flowerbox bending” (in place of poles.)

Prior to the class, teams fundraised for Giant Steps Therapeutic Riding Center; the teams that raised the most money received seconds off their overall relay time.

Anytime you tell kids they can dress up with their horses, the fantastic result is sure to run the gamet. Kermit the Frog, Superman, a tiny Joker to his Batman, fairies, swimmers and more all turned out for the class. Hilarity ensued. Enjoy the photos!

Go here to learn more about Giant Steps. 

1_JuniorTeamRelay-7The cowboy

2_JuniorTeamRelay-8The Indian

3_JuniorTeamRelay-4Now that’s how you bob for apples.

4_JuniorTeamRelay-5Eve Jobs as Batman

5_JuniorTeamRelay-3And a special mascot in the form of The Joker

6_JuniorTeamRelay-6One of two fairies – winning for facepaint and hair streaks!

8_JuniorTeamRelay-15Leading her pony through the flowerboxes

9_JuniorTeamRelay-11Too much fun with the Princess and The Frog

10_JuniorTeamRelay-13A bit of egg and spoon balancing

11_JuniorTeamRelay-14Avery Glynn runs for the finish line

12_JuniorTeamRelay-17Nice aim – that’s a tiny bucket for such a big carrot!

13_JuniorTeamRelay-16The tiniest applebobber gets some assistance

14_JuniorTeamRelay-20Can’t get enough of these two

15_JuniorTeamRelay-19“Superman” was among the winners

17_JuniorTeamRelay-1More to come from this Gucci week….