To those of you who are reading this from a snowy locale that hasn’t seen green grass or blue sky in weeks (months?) apologies for the images you’re about to view in the gallery below. If it seems like we’re rubbing another glorious day in Florida in your face, well, we kind of are. But Friday’s $15,000 1.40m Grand Prix at the International Polo Club, the fourth stop on the 2015 Turf Tour Series,  just couldn’t help it. This week’s Turf Tour grand prix was held under a cloudless sky, on a carefully maintained grass polo field. The sizable warm up separated two competition rings, and riders cantered to and fro in quiet camaraderie. Palm trees wafted softly in the breeze as the announcer’s voice carried over the field. Trailers pulled in and out as riders arrived at their leisure to compete throughout the brisk morning and sun soaked afternoon.Truly, there was not a cloud to be seen. It was like big sky country out there. Sorry about all this, Northern States, but it’s just better down here.

For full results, check out Phelps Sports. Conor Swail won the Grand Prix with Ariana with a winning jumpoff time that held throughout the day. Swail is holding the overall series lead in the 12-week Turf Tour Series. Next week, the Turf Tour will touch down at The Wanderers Club in Wellington. Prepare yourself now for more images from this picture-perfect horse show life.

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