Starting on August 1st, Horse & Style will be gifting each of these equestrian items to a different Facebook or Instagram fan. Visit and @horseandstylemag on Instagram for your chance to win, and celebrate an endless summer with Horse & Style!


  1. Adi Kissilevich, The Bubble Bag
  2. Essex Classics, Talent Yarn Show Shirt
  3. Kastel Denmark, Charlotte Signature Shirt
  4. Katharine Page, Capriole Flat
  5. Ogilvy, Friction Free Hunter Pad
  6. Equestrianista, Equestrian{ista} Sweatshirt, Logo Zipper Pull, 100% Pure Nail Polish
  7. Soless Sun Visor, Transparent Helmet Visor
  8. Stable Secretary, Gold Annual Package
  9. Pony Glam, Hoof Hi-Lites
  10. Mini Britches, Footed Pajama and Blanket
  11. Riata Designs, Custom Sun Hat
  12. Ogilvy, Memory Foam Half Pad
  13. Bentley Bars, Box of Assorted Soaps: Pots de Creme, Lux Soap, Bar Soap
  14. Tucker Tweed, Wallet
  15. Callidae, Show Shirt and Sweater
  16. Tickets to the Longines Masters of Los Angeles