Written by Jennifer Ward

Wesley Newlands has been referred to as ‘Canada’s Best Kept Show Jumping Secret’, While the engaging 27-year-old hails from Toronto, many assume that she is American as she is based south of the border, training year-round with show jumping icons John and Beezie Madden. To help solve the national identity crisis, Wesley’s mother gave her a Toronto Blue Jays baseball hat to affiliate her with her hometown; Wesley often trades her helmet for the ball cap when she’s at a show or around the barn.

Having studied fashion marketing at The Art Institute of Toronto, Wesley worked briefly in the fashion industry as a buyer until her demanding competition schedule forced her to choose one or the other. She still acts as a personal shopper for her family and friends, and her mother eagerly awaits Wesley’s visits home, as it means the closets get reorganized! Her visits to Toronto are becoming few and far between, however, as Wesley pursues an international show jumping career with her top grand prix mounts Lapacco, Wieminka B, and the most recent addition to her string, Evita van de Veldbalie.

Wesley Newlands is contesting the FEI ranks with her newest grand prix partner, Evita van de Veldbalie. | Photo © The Book LLC

Wesley Newlands is contesting the FEI ranks with her newest grand prix partner, Evita van de Veldbalie. | Photo © The Book LLC

Horse & Style: Describe your riding (apparel) style:

Wesley Newlands: I would describe my style as very classic. I prefer a crisp, clean-cut look favoring darker jackets, black or navy blue, with a white shirt.

H&S: What is your head-to-toe riding outfit?

WN: I wear a Samshield helmet, SSG ‘Digital’ riding gloves, and Equiline breeches and show shirts. For jackets, I wear brands such as Gucci, Marigold and Equiline. The boots I wear are Parlanti.

H&S: Do you wear anything for good luck?

WN: I wear a necklace that my grandmother gave to me which has my father’s name on one side and my name on the other. I never take it off! I am also very superstitious, so if I do well in a class, I will wear the same show jacket on the following days.

H&S: What are your favorite equestrian brands?

WN: My favorite brand is Equiline. I find their clothing is very comfortable and breathable. Their apparel is form-fitting without being too tight, it is stylish and feminine. And as I have to be in a saddle for all day, I love Devoucoux.

H&S: How would you describe your non-horse show style?

WN: I love fashion and am a bit of a shopaholic, so I prefer a look that is fashionable and feminine. I describe my style as boho chic, and I tend to favor dresses and skirts.

H&S: How do you handle high-pressure situations, for example right before you enter a big class?

WN: I try to stay focused on the task at hand and stick to the plan that I have created with my trainers, John and Beezie Madden.

H&S: What are your riding goals?

WN: My goals are to be the best rider that I can be and to get to the highest level of the sport, which will hopefully earn me a red jacket one day. I have two young horses, and to be able to develop and bring them along to be jumping at the highest level one day, will be a huge accomplishment for me as well.

H&S: What are your career goals?

WN: Fashion being my other love, I hope to work in the fashion business as a buyer with the hope that, in time, I will have my own store.

H&S: Who has been most influential in your riding career?

WN: I have been very fortunate to train with many talented trainers, but John and Beezie Madden have really helped me to take my riding to the next level. For that reason, they have been the most influential in my riding career. It is not only incredible, but also a privilege to be able to train and learn from the best in the sport. I am inspired by how Beezie is always focused and determined when she enters the ring. There are many ups and downs in this sport, and Beezie and John have taught me that you must always keep fighting for it to persevere.

Also my family, especially my mother, has always encouraged and supported me both inside and outside the ring.

H&S: What’s the one thing you never go in the ring without?

WN: I never go in the ring without my mentality that I am there to win.

Feature Photo: Wesley Newlands with her veteran grand prix mount, Lapacco, and her Pomeranian, Kanye. | Photo © The Book LLC

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