From print ads that pop to pristine horses

to purchase and a facility to match,

Stal Wilten is impressive from start to finish.

Stal Wilten is a family affair. On any given day, morning, noon or night, you can find the Wiltens in the barn. Paul Wilten competed at an International level in two European Championships as a junior rider, and later worked at the legendary Schockemohle stables in Germany. Roy Wilten rode at an International level with his ponies, and then again as a young rider. He went on to gain tremendous experience working in Spain, Canada, and the United States.

In 2006, after twenty five years, the Wilten family decided to change their focus from a riding school to the development of sport horses, and moved to Nieuwleusen, Netherlands. After dreaming of having a fabulous showcase facility, Stal Wilten opened its doors.

Victoria Colvin and Carollo school in Stal Wilten's gorgeous outdoor arena.

Victoria Colvin and Carollo school in Stal Wilten’s gorgeous outdoor arena.

The barn in Nieuwleusen has two state of the art arenas, indoor and outdoor, a beautiful set of jumps, a Eurocizer, grass and sand paddocks, a lunging arena, and many other key ingredients for the comfort and training of sale horses. Roy often invites fellow professionals from the States come and help him ride, and promote the horses and ponies. The list includes Victoria Colvin, Shawn Casady, Sean Leckie, Lauren Scott and several others.


Since 2006, the young, energetic and innovative Roy has taken over the business reins for Stal Wilten and driven it into the mainstream. How? Hard work, nice horses, impressive follow through, professional standards and magnificent marketing.

“I am an extreme perfectionist. Some people might say that I care too much about the details. I don’t stop until it’s perfect, so everything takes much longer. We don’t have much staff, just two employees, so a lot of it I do myself with my parents. Together we handle 20 horses at home, and we work brilliantly together. They have guided and supported me throughout this endeavor and have taught me so much about how important it is to blur the lines
between work and passion,” Roy said.

Stal Wilten’s pristine indoor arena

Stal Wilten’s pristine indoor arena

Roy realizes that impressions count. First impressions, media impressions, lasting impressions, and he is consistently impressing the audience. Through extensive and eye-catching marketing, he makes a visual statement about quality. Every detail is attractive, and with a distinctive look. He encompasses each angle of good marketing, starting with professional photographs and videos. He develops striking ads and runs them in numerous magazines.

The gorgeous white pony, known as Frozen, that brightens the H&S cover this issue is quite the model. Not only very photogenic, he took care of little Sara who had never ridden. His You Tube video on the Stal Wilten channel features Sara’s first ride plus footage of him jumping with another adorable child and has over 32,000 views.

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