A well-dressed rider speaks volumes without uttering a single sound. Consider it the proverbial icing on the horse show cake.

Cue Sarm Hippique – a brand established in the fashion mecca of the world, Milan, Italy, now being curated in the States. Sarm Hippique has crafted an Italian collection with rider sensibilities in mind. Founded by a tailor whose daughter and grandchildren are also involved in the business and are avid riders, no detail goes unnoticed in design or production. For two decades it has been a family run company, Sar (tailor in Italian) m (for last name of family Giuseppe Mulazzani and Katya Mulazzani) and this family pride is the crowning feature of the operation. Outfitting the rider – from show coats to breeches to accessories, Sarm is the perfect blend of functionality and haute couture.

A Distinctive Look (and Feel)
Tailoring imbued with elegance and with special attention to detail creates a look of impeccable style. Yet, there is the attentiveness to the practicality of the piece which translates to wearability and functionality for the rider.   In keeping with the hallmark of any superb piece of clothing, Sarm is obsessed with fabric and is intent on using the best fabrics that are available worldwide. Schoeller and Italian microfibers as well as French microfibers are deftly utilized, depending on the model.

The skilled touch of a tailor who knows what fabric works best is something Sarm is known for.  A keen sense of fashion flair coupled with a discerning eye for details completes the look. The stunning results? A great range of motion in a beautifully tailored show coat. (Some are even completely waterproof.) Celebratory dinner after a successful show? White breeches are not a problem as liquid rolls right off and are good to go for another day of showing.

A Personable Product
When Lauren Morlock left for Italy in 2009, she didn’t realize a new career path and future husband (and business partner) awaited her. But, with horse connections around the country and an eye for fashion, it was the ideal fit to become the face of Sarm Hippique in the U.S. “I was in Italy for 4 years, and I’ve always been a fan of anything horses and Italian design – this is where my life has lead me. My husband, Tony, became a wholesale distributor and represents Sarm and are their voice in the U.S.” With a competitive background in the hunter/jumper industry, Morlock knows that the right look and perfect fit make the difference between a good and great round.

Newly-introduced to the States, samples were brought over in October with select tack shops in California, Florida and Texas carrying the brand. And now it’s making its way through the Midwest and East Coast. “We want to go and see the shows and introduce ourselves in person and become the face of the brand in the U.S. because it is a family run business and that is so important,” Morlock said.

As most any rider can attest, the European style has hit the equestrian world by storm. As Morlock sees it, “there’s been an Italian invasion. The large amount of Italian bootmakers and apparel brands but also even just the horse show scene has sort of changed.” With more color in the jumper ring and a subdued look in the hunters, there has been a definite shift in style. “Hunters are sort of paying homage to the classic tradition of the sport. And the jumpers – wow,” she remarked. But the difference in Sarm is that while still high tech fabric, the cut remains classic with made-to-order options that can get you from the jumper ring to the hunter ring in a flash. Marrying the classic with contemporary is a fine art of which Sarm is the master.


Rolling out a new line in the upcoming months, Sarm is using equibella microfiber – a fabric designed to improve circulation while riding, and in turn, reduces fatigue. “We’re always looking for the next material and have the best thing that’s on the market,” said Morlock. Hands down, the best feedback Sarm has received from riders is the fit and the fabric. “The 100% microfiber makes such a difference. A lot of other brands are using a cotton blend but ours truly have full range of motion. There is no more need for a short or a long. Just like tights you just adjust them on your leg. They feel great.”

I think it’s just exciting that we’re in the U.S. and how well its being received. Have to try it on. “We’ve come a long way from the 2-way stretch and wool coat. I remember that unless I wore the appropriate undergarments, my coat would slide up. Those days are gone,” Morlock said.

Bringing style and grace from the fashion hub of Milan with the best fabrics from across the globe, Sarm is redefining expectations of riding clothing.  While a newcomer to the American market, this brand brings the experience and understanding of what a rider wants inside and out of the ring, and pushes themselves to tailor the very best.

This article was originally published in the Apr/May 2014 issue of Horse & Style Magazine. CLICK HERE to read the entire issue online!