Before sun shirts hit the scene, most of us rode in polos. (Am I dating myself?) So if you’re anything like me, you’ve built up a pretty decent collection of those collared, cotton shirts. And there are days (usually the ones when you couldn’t squeeze in a load of laundry) when you want (or have) to wear them.

Riders Sleeves are an easy addition to those days to transform your polo shirts into technical options. They offer UV protection in addition to cooling the skin underneath. Plus, they wear light and don’t constrain arm movement in any way.

I tested the sleeves on a hot summer day and I liked that I didn’t feel the sun directly on my arms. In the shade, there was a definite coolness to be felt—although that feeling faded when I was in motion in the sunlight. I did notice that a slight gap between the shirt’s sleeves and the Rider Sleeves exposed some skin, which could result in an odd tan line. But I’m willing to chalk that up to my polo’s cap sleeve (and maybe a little user error).

Overall, I like the concept and the product. I am more likely to wear them while playing a round of golf than I am while riding—just because it’s a slower rate of activity, offering a higher chance of enjoying the cooling aspect. That being said, there’s nothing to lose from storing a couple pairs in the tack trunk. We’re all sure to have a few days this summer when we’re wearing short sleeves and we’ll sorely regret not staying covered.