It’s not just the holiday season, it’s that time of year when there’s so much opportunity for downtime and awkward family moments that scrolling through various social feeds becomes more obsessive compulsion/social escapism than daily habit, amiright? It’s ok, we’re right there with you. Can’t stand to suffer through another conversation with your great-aunt about that new house/job/boyfriend/cat? Staring at the four walls of a an airport while waiting out yet another delay? Happily, Instagram is there for you, with diversion after diversion to help wile away the hours. This month, H&S chose its favorite holiday-themed Instas (ok, while Jess Springsteen’s palm tree view in FL isn’t holiday-themed to everyone, it is to us) from the very best accounts that we follow. Happy reading, happy Insta-ing, and happy holidays to all!

Instas_1@Hermes – The eccentric fashion house gave a shout out to its new address for silk (La Maison des Carrés Hermès – @hermesmaisondescarres) by featuring this. . . extremely eye-catching. . . horse mask at the Silk Ball in Dehli, India. According to the brand, this silk “horse” paraded and posed, but can it jump an oxer? Regardless, the signature screenprinted scarves made a beautiful display that equestrians and non-equestrians alike can appreciate.

Instas_2@IrishNationalStud – The Irish National Stud in Kildare may not experience a white Christmas this year, but frosty mornings like the one above are well worth the nipping weather. The beautiful Thoroughbreds don’t seem to mind a little frost on the Emerald Isle! H&S visited the Irish National Stud in 2013, and we can personally attest that it’s the enchanting kind of place that horse heaven dreams are made of, chilly mornings and all!

Instas_3@jsprings – Meanwhile in Wellington, Florida, Jessica Springsteen and her horse Zero are basking in the abundant sunshine. Not everyone needs to get cozy by the fire for the holidays; Jessica and Zero could get toasty on the beach instead. White breeches + tan bodies = an excellent winter circuit.

Instas_4@caskro – These stunning holiday tags are free for download from Seattle-based designer Carina Skrobecki (she ran into Macklemore about a week ago, and posted the evidence on Instagram. Our attention. Caught.) Are you still looking for a great last-last minute gift idea? One of these tags would be perfect to attach to a small box holding a gift certificate for a Horse & Style Magazine annual subscription! Wink wink…

Instas_5@cayceharrison – Riders Quentin Judge and Caroline Holmberg get into the holiday spirit by taking on the task of Christmas cookie decorating. While likely delicious, Quentin should probably not abandon Grand Prix riding in favor of professional cookie decorating – his artistic rendition of J.Lo (the pink-haired cookie on the right) is ambitious but won’t win him any blues.

Instas_6@MastersGrandSlam – Red and green in December isn’t just for Christmas, it’s also for Gucci! Getty Images captured this beautiful shot at the iconic Gucci Masters earlier this month in Paris. The show may be over for this year (with the big Grand Prix win going to Switzerland’s Martin Fuschs), but green and red ribbons are already on many equestrians’ wish lists for next year!