San Antonio, Texas: Today, CAN Creations, LLC announced the launch of their newest product, Copper Cuffs™.  Copper Cuffs™ are the first wearable product to continuously kill and prevent fungus and bacteria in horses’ hooves.

Copper Cuffs™ are flexible, braided copper bands that fit on the pastern area above horses’ hooves.  The comfortable bands are easily secured with a soft hook-and-loop strap.

Simply fasten the cuffs on the horse prior to wash or rinse. Copper ions from water runoff continually kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungus. In addition, copper salts from runoff can build up in hoof walls resulting in increased continual protection. Copper Cuffs™ remain effective even after repeated wet and dry cycles. They never wear out and natural tarnishing does not impair effectiveness.

“I developed this product as a safe, natural alternative to green goo and blue chemicals that are messy and are usually applied after the horse is infected,” said Carey Nowacek, CAN Creations CEO.  “Since ancient times, people have used copper to prevent and kill fungus and bacteria. Copper Cuffs™ are a convenient and effective way to passively and continuously prevent fungus and bacteria in horses’ hooves.”

Copper Cuffs™ are currently available online at and select feed stores and veterinarians.  For more information on Copper Cuffs™ contact Carey Nowacek at [email protected]