Lexington, KY- Renowned equestrian boot maker Fabbri Boots USA is the first sponsor to take advantage of the innovative “All-Inclusive Competitor Package” being offered byThe Split Rock Jumping Tour, the new international show jumping show series set to create an “unparalleled show jumping experience” in the U.S.

Fabbri has chosen young show jumping superstar Lillie Keenan, winner of the 2013 Medal and Maclay National Championships as well as the individual Gold Medal at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, as its sponsored rider for Split Rock’s debut event, The Lexington International CSI 3* on May 22-24 at Split Rock Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Keenan will compete at Split Rock with an all-expenses paid package provided as part of Fabbri’s sponsorship benefits.

“I am so thrilled to be participating in the Split Rock Jumping Tour and I can’t thank Fabbri enough for sponsoring me and using their sponsorship to see that my expenses are covered,” Keenan said. “This innovative concept that Split Rock is offering is great for the sport and will be beneficial to the owners and riders as well as the sponsors!”

The Split Rock Jumping Tour’s unique “All-Inclusive Competitor Packages” allows  sponsors to invite their sponsored riders to compete at the Split Rock international show jumping competitions with all expenses covered as part of the sponsorship. Each package includes nominating fees, entry fees, stall fees, administrative fees, hotel rooms at the title lodging sponsor, a VIP FEI rider access pass for the VIP tent, and access to the FEI concierge tent for the riders, grooms and owners. Stabling arrangements can be customized, the stalls will be prepared and bedded before the horses arrive, and the initial cost of stall bedding is also included. In addition, the complementary competition staff valet services will assist with the unloading of equipment and the horse from the trailer upon arrival.

“Our All-Inclusive Competitor Package is just one of the features that make the Split Rock Jumping Tour stand out among the other shows across the country,” said Derek Braun, Founder and President of the Split Rock Jumping Tour, whose experience as an international competitor helped him develop this and other progressive ideas. “We believe this type of approach to sponsorships serves the needs not only of the sponsors, but also the riders and the owners.  No other horse show offers anything like this and the feedback from the sponsors and riders has been amazing!”

The Split Rock Jumping Tour will give competitors, sponsors and spectators an “Unparalleled Show Jumping Experience” by changing the way show jumping is presented in the U.S. Split Rock offers a world-class venue with a pristine grass jumping field, top prize money, extravagant awards and numerous first-class amenities for riders, horses, sponsors, and spectators, with close attention paid to every detail. Many of the nation’s top riders have already confirmed their entries for the debut event, and more are committing to compete each day!”What the Split Rock Jumping Tour is offering sponsors is totally unprecedented,” said Luca Proscia, CEO of Fabbri Boots USA. “We immediately saw the value of having one of our sponsored riders in the show on our behalf and told Derek to sign us up right away.  Derek is doing an amazing job of improving things not only for the sponsors and riders, but for the entire sport of show jumping in this country.”

“I want to thank Derek for what he is doing for our sport,” Keenan said. “By offering the sponsors this benefit, he is giving me a chance to bring one of my top horses to the event and I am really looking forward to it.”

Split Rock’s second show, the Bourbon International CSI 3*, will take place October 9-11. Both events will be held at Split Rock Farm in Lexington, KY, “the Horse Capital of the World”, and are sanctioned by the International Equestrian Federation ( FEI) as 3* international competitions that will allow riders to earn FEI points without having to travel to Europe. 

The Split Rock Jumping Tour has partnered with the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Foundation in which a portion of proceeds from all sales of Split Rock Jumping Tour Hospitality packages will go directly to the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Foundation to support their programs. Split Rock will also provide staff and patients of the Center with free tickets to attend both horse shows. For more information please visit: hhtps://ukmarkey.org.

For further information on the Split Rock Jumping Tour and to is available on line at the Tour’s website at SplitRockJumpingTour.com  or [email protected]For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Marty Bauman at [email protected] or by calling 508-698-6810 extension 10.