Quentin Judge is hard to miss, and we’re not just talking about his good looks. The hardworking trainer and rider for Double H Farm is a regular competitor on the top circuits in North America with a string of talented horses.

Twenty-seven-year-old Judge grew up in Chicago, IL, and was the only member of his family with a passion for horses. He took the smart route into the professional ranks, finding jobs with top riders, and spending two years working for Jan Tops in Europe.

In 2008 he went to work for the influential Double H Farm, in Ridgefield, CT and Wellington, FL, and his life changed. He met and married Cayce Harrison, whose family owns Double H, and by 2010 had entered the grand prix ranks aboard Double H horses. With the support of a top-class program and a star studded list of mentors, Judge has slowly but surely worked his way up to become more competitive in the ring, and over the summer he recorded his first international win, at Spruce Meadows in June.

Photo ©Vicci Valenti

Photo ©Vicci Valenti

Horse & Style: Describe your riding style.
Quentin Judge: I would describe my riding style as classic American, but keeping functionality in mind. I prefer to stick with traditional riding attire and find pieces that have contemporary fabrics and details.

H&S: What is your head to toe riding outfit?
QJ: I wear a Samshield Premium in blue alcantara, to match my Allesandro Albanese hunt coat. I have my riding shirts custom made from a great store called Giorgenti, so I can customize the fit and details. I wear Pikeur “Rodrigo” style britches. For boots, I wear Tucci custom tall boots.

H&S: Do you wear anything for good luck?
QJ: I wear a woven belt whenever I show that I bought when I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last year for the Nation’s Cup. I wore it for the first time the day we won the Nation’s Cup, so I figure it must be lucky!

H&S: What are your favorite equestrian brands?
QJ: I really love my boots from Franco Tucci. They are amazingly comfortable, durable and beautiful boots. I also favor my Pikeur britches because they are classically tailored, but made with contemporary fabric that stretches and breathes well. I am fortunate enough to be able to work with Malvern Saddlery in Pennsylvania, who always keep me looking my best in these top brands.

H&S: How would you describe your non-horse show style?
QJ: I would describe my non-horse show style as clean and understated. I seem to always be dressing for the barn, the horse show or for traveling, so I appreciate designers like Rag & Bone and Bruno Cucinelli for easy, casual style.

H&S: What have been your biggest accomplishments as a rider?
QJ: I am most proud of being part of the winning Nation’s Cup team last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being part of a Nation’s Cup team was a big goal of mine and winning made it even more special. I also won the Husky Energy Cup this summer at Spruce Meadows with HH Dark de la Hart, which was my biggest victory to date. It was thrilling to win at such a historic venue.

Quentin and HH Dark de la Hart. Photo ©Cansport

Quentin and HH Dark de la Hart. Photo ©Cansport

H&S: What are your riding goals for the future?
QJ: My short-term goals are to keep moving up the ranks and gain consistency at the top levels. If I keep going that way, then I hope to reach my long-term goals of being a consistent member of Nation’s Cup teams and to compete and win at the best competitions in the world.

H&S: If you weren’t a rider, what would your dream profession be?
QJ: I am very interested in wildlife and habitat conservation, and would love to be involved in that field.

H&S: Who has been the most influential in your riding career?
QJ: I have been lucky enough to get instruction from some of the biggest names in our sport, but to name a few: Joe Fargis, Norman Dello Joio and the Millar family of Ian, Amy and Jonathon have been the most influential for me.

H&S: What is one thing you never go to the ring without?
QJ: My wife, Cayce Harrison. She is my eyes and ears on the ground and knows my horses’ strengths and weaknesses as well as I do. She is my most valued opinion when it comes down to making the right decisions for my horses.

This article was published in the Aug/Sept issue of Horse & Style Magazine. CLICK HERE to read the entire issue online!