If last week in Wellington was a whirlwind, this week has been a blur. So it was a special treat to receive the invitation to attend a media breakfast at Rodrigo Pessoa’s idyllic farm on Friday morning. On the Wellington scale of barns, Pessoa’s Sasco Creek Farm is beautiful without being over the top; workmanlike yet elegant. Rolex organized the breakfast; Pessoa has a natural connection with the timepiece brand as he is Rolex’s longest-running equestrian representative (Rolex has been his sponsor for the last 17 years!) That’s impressive. Always personable, always welcoming, Pessoa introduced the group to his horses and showed everyone around the barn:

SONY DSCSasco Creek Farm is home to 16 horses. Pessoa has used it as his winter base  since 2009. 

SONY DSCThe weather is behaving this week – no flooding rainstorms and temperatures in the 80s. Pessoa’s horses spend the majority of the day outdoors in turnout when the weather complies.

SONY DSCPessoa showed off his new hope for the future – a 10 year old gelding named Status who affectionately nibbled on Pessoa’s hand looking for carrots.

SONY DSCThe main stable was neat, but also workmanlike

SONY DSCG&C Flash looks out the window of his stall

SONY DSCAll of the horses at Pessoa’s stable were happy and friendly

SONY DSCH&S contributor (not to mention, Rodrigo’s wife) Alexa Pessoa keeps her three horses at Sasco Creek. Read Alexa’s latest column for H&S at this link

SONY DSCThank you Rodrigo!