Get your etiquette on, ladies and gentlemen. I think it’s high time we put down our tellies and picked up some quill and ink, don’t you think? Call me old fashioned, but sometimes a text message just doesn’t have the same charm as a handwritten note.

It’s all in the details, my friends. It’s the way your gentleman caller signs his name at the end of a love letter (you know, ALL of those love letters that you always get), the way your best friend since kindergarten crosses her t’s and forgets to dot her i’s. It’s a thank you from a six-year-old, scrawled in messy letters and a lot of effort. It’s poetic and romantic, the handwritten note. It’s also polite, now isn’t it?

And look! It’s stationery just for us equestrians. They make that, you know. So write your horse a letter and join me in a crusade for the US Postal Service with these pretty pennies, why dontcha? And give your mailman a pat on the back.





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[Introducing writer Lindsay Moore. Raised in the wilds  of New Mexico and Texas, Lindsay Moore grew up on a farm surrounded by cotton, alfalfa, pecan trees and chili peppers. While the occasional herd of cows strolled through the acreage, not one stallion or mare was to be seen. But alas, she heard the call of the horse (a whinny and a snort) just after she graduated from university. Lindsay now jumps small fences and falls less frequently than she used to. She’s a graphic designer who lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her fiancé, their two dangerous felines and a Great Dane named Cholula, after the hot sauce. Her blog, Shiny Ponies, is about the finer things, like horses, handwritten notes and dressing the part.]