The Longines Los Angeles Masters Grand Slam kicks off in just four days at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. From September 25th – 28th, the world’s most elite show jumping horses and riders will gather to compete in the West Coast’s first-ever CSI5* rated international competition. In addition to the roster of international riders (complete roster listed here), a talented group of national-level and 2* riders will fill out the weekend’s divisions.

The Prestige Trophy division is open to elite amateur and professional riders. The division winner will be decided by cumulative results of six classes held at the 1.35m Р1.40 level. Total prize money: $99,000. Complete Prestige Trophy class list is here.

The Invitational Trophy division is open to junior and amateur riders. The division winner will be decided by cumulative results of six classes held at the 1.20m and 1.30m level, cumulating with a Sunday Grand Prix at each level.
Complete Invitational Trophy class list is here. 

Prestige Trophy Riders:
Jamie Barge (USA)
Karianne Boyce Lockhart (USA)
Gavin Brodin (USA)
Morgane Dassio (SUI)
Jennifer Gates (USA)
Joie Gatlin (USA)
Juan Pablo Gnecco (COL)
Mark Grock (USA)
Carlos Hank Jr. (MEX)
Bliss Heers (USA)
Paige Johnson (USA)
Saree Kayne (USA)
Toni McIntosh (NZL)
Chris Pratt (CAN)
Justin Resnik (USA)
Karrie Rufer (USA)
Gabriella Salick (USA)
Paris Sellon (USA)
Hap Hansen (USA)
Ray Texel (USA)
Soehnke Theyman (GER)
Hardin Towell (USA)
Hannah Von Heidegger (USA)
Hannah Selleck (USA)
Kara Chad (CAN)
Simon Nizri (USA)
Tina Dilandri (USA)
Hannah Mauritzson (SWE)
Tanya Levorichek
Adria Mashburn (USA)
Lorenzo Cue (MEX)
Georgy Maskry (USA)

Invitational Trophy Riders:
Elizabeth McAfee (USA)
Alyce Bittar
Chandler Meadows (USA)
Olivia Chowdry (USA)
Leslie Nelson (USA)
Tara Couch (USA)
Petra Lazarevic
Mitch Endicott (USA)
Alexandra Crown (USA)
Hilary McNerny (USA)
Sari Hank (MEX)
Carlos Hank (MEX)
Julie Hancock (USA)
Kyu Jin Whang (KOR)
Julia Otter (USA)
Isabelle Collins (USA)
Ariel Yazid (USA)
Genevieve Schei (USA)
Sydney Callaway (USA)
Lly Blavin (USA)
Sophie St. Clair (USA)