“Take it from me: you will never truly know what the meaning of trust is until you are riding an Icelandic horse along the skirt of a mountainside, watching the loose rocks beneath his hooves kick-up and roll off the edge of a shadow of a path beneath you.

On your near side, the mountain’s face is close enough to reach out and touch. On the far side is space -nothing but space- and a falling slope that unrolls hundreds of feet straight down. Do not pick up the reins. Do not get in the horse’s way. In that particular moment, there is nothing to do but visualize perfect balance and look straight ahed. Trust is all you have…keep reading

From August 11th – 24th, Horse & Style Editor Erin Gilmore and Horse & Style Web Developer Christina Gray Parker trekked on horseback through the breathtaking country of Iceland with Riding Iceland. Scroll through the slideshow below for more behind the scenes photos of their trip, and follow this link to read “Adventures at Tölt Speed with Riding Iceland“, published in the October/November 2014 issue of Horse & Style Magazine. 

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