One of my best friends and I share the same passion: horses. We both started riding lessons together at the same time, got our first horses within a year of each other, and, not surprisingly, settled on our horse farms within the same time period. Just like mine, Sherri’s farm fell into the ‘fixer upper’ category, but unlike me, she is a bit further ahead with her renovations!

She has a variety of equestrian décor that I have simply fallen in love with, so I wanted to share some pictures of her beautiful home with all of you. Sherri classifies the style of her home as ‘Modern Country’, and I think that’s a very fitting description.

02 Crock

Swift Wind Farm
The sign pictured at top was designed and purchased from BC Signs, a company located in Pennsylvania. She wanted to keep the design simple and clean with just the farm name and a horse weathervane on top. The crock displaying her farm’s name came from one of my favorite stores, Plow & Hearth.

03 Palomino

04 Forest

Equestrian Art
One of the first things a visitor will see when he/she walks through the side door is a framed piece displaying ‘Palomino Potatoes.’ This burlap sack was purchased on ebay, and Sherri did the framework herself. The watercolor painting of the Appaloosa was a present Sherri received from a relative after she lost her first horse, her beloved Forest. This picture hangs over her daughter’s crib as he is now her guardian angel horse!

05 Milk Jug

06 Fox

Fox Fanatic
My friendship with Sherri may end at some point because I fully plan on stealing the following piece, (and yes, I’ve told her this)! The hunt scene milk jug was a family heirloom and goes perfectly in her formal living room. I adore it. The large fox statue was a gift from her mom; it came from Plow & Hearth. The Swift Wind Farm doormat next to the fox came from the Back in the Saddle catalogue.

07 Mantel

On top of the mantel rests a decorative weathervane that mirrors the one on Sherri’s farm sign. This came from a local vintage shop in Maryland, Belle Patri. Next to the weathervane is a horse hair vase. It is Navajo pottery that was purchased at a Native American Reservation while on vacation in Arizona. The horse hair burns when it touches the hot pottery, leaving a light stain cooked into it. This makes a beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind pattern on each piece.

08 Ribbon

Finally, one of my favorite pieces in Sherri’s house is a framed vintage horse show ribbon. This is the ribbon that started it all. A family friend presented Sherri with this ribbon when she was very young; Sherri remembers looking at it and deciding that she wanted to learn how to ride – and a lifelong equestrian was born! I’d say it definitely deserves a place of honor in the house!

Quite a bit of her décor has also come from Etsy as she loves adding unique, handmade pieces to her home. Thank you, Sherri, for inviting me into your gorgeous modern country home!!