Photos by Alden Corrigan Media

Labor Day in the Hamptons is known for attracting a mix of the NY elite and young millennials, both looking to celebrate one last stretch of summer before the crisp fall air returns to the East Coast. However, the equestrian community knows that on Labor Day weekend in the Hamptons, the only place to be is the Hampton Classic Horse Show.

A trip to the Hamptons in the BLADE sea plane courtesy of Luxury Equestrian Travel; photo courtesy of Luxury Equestrian Travel

Why Drive, When You Can Fly?

Traveling to the Hamptons has its downfalls, especially on Labor Day weekend. By car or train, traffic is inevitable. However, with companies like Luxury Equestrian Travel, you can be there in 40 minutes via plane. I was lucky enough to experience this ultimate luxury myself. After drinking a quick glass of rosé in the BLADE Aqua Lounge, and taking the obligatory selfie in front of the sea plane that was patiently waiting for us on the Hudson River, we took off into the sky. The bird’s-eye view alone is worth the fairly reasonable plane ticket price, and it seemed that before I could pick the right filter and think of clever hashtags, we were landing at the East Hampton airport, just a few miles away from the Hampton Classic Horse Show.

Sophie Gochman and Dominik, winners of both Small Junior 15&U O:F classes; photo © Alden Corrigan Media

Rosé All Day

The Hampton Classic is known for its VIP, thanks to the excellent celebrity sightings, the who’s who of the east coast equestrian scene, and of course, the beautiful tables. As if the exquisite caliber of horses showing on the grand prix field weren’t enough, the VIP tables were in a category of their own. I was appropriately invited to sit at the Whispering Angel table. Gorgeous linens that read “Rosé All Day” in pink embroidery topped our plates. Vases full of pink roses and other flowers topped the table and rose gold flatware was set next to the china plates. But it was the pink wine glasses and the magnum of Whispering Angel Rosé that made our table one of the most photographed VIP tables of the year. Table envy aside, spending the day drinking Whispering Angel rosé was spectacular. The floral notes of hibiscus, and fruit notes of strawberry and watermelon, made it the perfect drink to cap off a summer of show jumping.

Wolfer Estate, winner of the Hampton Classic Best Table Decor competition; photo © Alden Corrigan Media

Vendor Row

Don’t go to the Hampton Classic if you are on a budget, because you will have to take out a small mortgage to satisfy your shopping cravings. An abnormally crisp weekend in the Hamptons made it easy to make my first purchase a Stick & Ball Poncho. I have been coveting the Knit Collar Poncho all season and it was not only stylish, but the perfect choice for staying warm and chic.

Boutique Garden neighbors (L–R) Stick & Ball Founder Elizabeth Welborn, Katharine Page and Wendy Johnston; photo © Alden Corrigan Media

A Classic Sunday

Winning a big class at the Hamptons is a dream for many riders, and for Daniel Bluman it was triple dream come true. Bluman and Ladriano Z won the $300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI-4* presented by SOVARO®. Bluman was not only fast but precise; his track in the jump off was bold and technical and exciting to watch. Bluman also won two other FEI classes – the $86,000 Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Qualifier CSI-4* presented by Longines, and the $40,000 SOVARO® Speed Stake. Both of these wins were with his mount Bacara d’Archonfosse.

Daniel Bluman and Ladriano Z, winners of the $300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI-4* presented by SOVARO®; photo © Alden Corrigan Media

Summer Send-Off

More than packing away my white pants, the Hampton Classic Horse Show was the perfect way to spend Labor Day weekend saying hello to fall. My seaplane ride, my glass of Whispering Angel rosé, and spending time at a horse show full of top riders and incredible horses, definitely took the sting out of saying goodbye to summer this year.

This article was originally published in Horse & Style’s Sept/Oct ’17 issue. Read the full issue online at!