30 03, 2015

Horses Breathe Deep With Equine Salt Spa

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Every athlete deserves an edge, and that includes your equine athlete. Equine Salt Spa’s salt therapy treatment is a new respiratory treatment that is proven to help enhance breathing function and better performance. The Benke Family, creators of Equine Salt Spa, have several successful clinics [...]

26 03, 2015

Style Rider: Olivia Brown

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With a pop of color and a flashy grey horse, Australian-born rider Olivia Brown turned heads and gained new recognition in 2014 for her results on the West Coast grand prix circuit. It was her husband, trainer Harley Brown, who paired her with Cash, a [...]

20 03, 2015

Touring Kentucky’s Horse Farms

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If you are a true horse person and haven’t journeyed to Lexington, Kentucky, the Horse Capital of the World, then what are you waiting for? I visited Lexington with my family in 2010 and then again in 2013. During those two visits, we toured six [...]

12 03, 2015

The Chronicles of Susan Richards

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I have always loved a good story. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, if you have a good story to share, then I volunteer as tribute listener! Not surprisingly, I am a huge fan of the memoir genre, and author Susan Richards [...]

3 03, 2015

Art. Science. Beauty. Retrouvé.

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Jami Heidegger spent years as an intrepid horse show mom. Ever the iconoclast, she says that "before sunscreen caught on, I was the one out there wearing my favorite ugly floppy anti-UV hat, my face slathered in zinc oxide. People always thought I was a [...]

20 02, 2015

NARG Announces the Seventh Week Rule

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The most telling indicator of a healthy, booming economy can be summed up in one word: competition. Competition begets free choice. Competition opens the door for incentives and quality improvements, and gives consumers the power to support the product that works best for them. No, [...]

19 02, 2015

The Repurposed Equestrian

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There’s this thing about fixer-upper farms – they need to be fixed up. And while my husband and I are enjoying the process of renovating and updating our 90 year old house, it can be a strain on the piggy bank, if you know what [...]

11 02, 2015

The Skinny on Alligator Half Chaps

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They're not exactly scales, and they're not exactly your run-of-the-mill leather. . . but they are always, always a head-turner. Now don't go jumping to conclusions; this is not an "only in Wellington" post. However, we can put Mr. Charles Pinnell's alligator half chaps squarely into [...]